What does  Organic mean?

Organic is  production without the use  of  pesticides, chemical fertilizers or artificial agents.  I will be talking more about the organic consumption Organic Farming categories namely organic medications, organic health supplements , organic food products including natural products to enhance one’s quality of life and its impact on our well-being.

Organic Drugs

Organic drugs are natural substances derived from plants and animals. Our bodies function well with the consumption of natural products as we make wise choices as to what we ingest in our bodies. Caution must be taken so as not to experience counteraction in our bodies. This counteraction may occur by ingesting  medications  which  could include substances not intended for consumption or repair. Therefore, making good choices for our health and well- being should not be taken lightly. Consulting your Health provider is an advisable way to go to avoid health risks and making right choices as to the right healthy organic product for our needs.

Organic Health Supplements are generally free of pesticides, and other toxic agents. They’re better choices for the body as organic products  do aid in supplementing what may be lacking in the body.  Minerals, anti-oxidants and vitamins are vitally needed for replenishing and nourishment as lack of them may leave your body easily prone to illnesses, infection, etc.

Organic  Food Products

Organic food products, produce and other ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or has not  been genetically modified. Normally, animals that produce meat, poultry and dairy products has not been ingested with antibiotics or growth hormones which makes for organic grapes healthy nutrition. Most foods have residues of poisonous substances such as herbicides, and insecticides in or on them, therefore large amounts ingested daily does come at a cost! Accumulated amounts of ingested chemicals such as these, can cause headaches, illnesses, or cancer! Organic products do come with slight traces of “natural” pesticides which are  less toxic as opposed to the synthetic pesticides.

It’s generally claimed that people with certain illnesses, normally experience less problems with continued daily organic diets. Organic products are known to stay fresher and may need to be used up sooner than those with preservatives.  On the other hand,  Preservatives  prolong  products unnaturally. Watching what we consume daily will either make us healthier or would break the body down and make us sick.

In conclusion, everything around us are meant for our consumption for the purpose of healing, nourishmentHealthy Pomegranate and to  replenish our bodies for our physical, mental  and  emotional  well-being. In other words, daily organic  choices in quality products,  does go a long way in achieving, maintaining  and enjoying a quality  lifestyle!


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